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Extreme house cleaning by Staffordshire Extreme Cleaning Services

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house cleaning and clearing by the experts

Have you got a cleaning project that is just too large-scale or needs more than domestic cleaning products? Do you need someone to go into a property following a trauma or into a void house and restore the property to it former state discreetly and efficiently?

Whether it's a factory or a home, Staffordshire Pest Control will not only clear your property, but will clean it to the highest hygiene standards and leave it spick and span.

We have many years experience in property cleaning so you can expect us to use the highest standard cleaning products and leave your house looking like new.
No cleaning project is too big and our team will strive to rejuvenate your property and restore it to its former glory. To find out more, contact our team in Staffordshire.

COMPREHENSIVE extreme cleaning services

At Staffordshire Extreme Cleaning Services, we want to take the stress away from you and tackle house clearing and cleaning issues for you. Our services include:

  • Void house cleaning
  • Trauma cleaning
  • Needle picking
  • House clearance
  • Room clearance
  • Single item removal
  • Garage clearance
  • Bereavement clearance
  • Cleaning and tidying
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For a free estimate on the cleaning and clearing services of you property
contact us 07737 051 222

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